PartsZone: Europe

Vallair invests in spares, acquires A321 for part-out

Advancing on the Group’s strategy to build a spares hub in France, Vallair has purchased an Airbus A321 (MSN 1008) for imminent part-out. The 1999-vintage aircraft was previously operated by AtlasGlobal and managed by TrueAero.

The airframe will be fully disassembled at Vallair’s facility in Montpellier. Vallair’s Material Management team works in close partnership with the teardown function and manages the processing of hundreds of aircraft parts every month alongside Vallair’s in-house aerostructures repair shop based in the Châteauroux facility.

The teardown will be done under the supervision of Director of Material Management, Armando Filho. He said: “Part of the Group’s strategy is to build and sustain a good-quality spares hub in France. We are fully committed to supporting this aircraft type for airlines, lessors, and asset managers. The parts removed from the A321 aircraft will be processed, and made available for sale in Q4 2022.

Vallair provides a streamlined service to support market needs with capabilities like intelligent repair management, an integrated supply chain, and a global network of audited MRO facilities.