Who we are

MRO Services is a subsidiary of Aviation News Ltd, which produces the MRO Global and Airline Economics publications.

Other than the magnificent MRO Global magazine, which features articles and news items related to current and hot issues impacting the MRO Industry, MRO services is here to support and assist the industry with simple but powerful tools.

These tools will ease your way of working and help you become more efficient when carrying out your day-to-day activities.

What we do

MRO Services provides a wide range of tools and aids to help assist the airlines and MRO procurement process. 

With these tools, you may easily browse through worldwide MROs and narrow your search by using common categories.


How it works

There are several ways to find your MRO:

  • You may browse the MRO list and narrow your search by categories such as: Heavy Maintenance MROs, Engine MROs and other. The search can be further filtered using sub categories, such as manufacturer and specific airframe or engine type.
  • You may browse by location of the MROs
  • You may also search all MROs by keywords