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Tokyo Haneda Airport reopens Terminal 2 for commercial operations

By July 24, 2023 No Comments

Tokyo Haneda International Airport recently re-opening its Terminal 2 after a three-year COVID induced hiatus. The opening of this facility marks steady passenger recovery in Japan and resumption of international service at the airport.

The terminal 2 had previously catered exclusively to domestic flights, but with the growing demand for international services, the Corporate Group expanded its capacity.

The renovated terminal now boasts new arrival and departure floors, along with duty-free shops and other amenities.

It initially began operations on 29 March 2020, running parallel to the extended Terminal 3, which also caters to international flights. Just within two weeks of opening the Terminal 2’s operation was cut short owing to the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; necessitating strict safety measures and restricting airport operations.

Presently, All Nippon Airlines (ANA) is utilizing Terminal 2 for its flight services to major international destinations such as London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei.