Täby Air Maintenance (TAM) has received EASA Part 21 Design Organisation approval which will enable the company an ability to offer enhanced technical services to airlines.

Already having a corresponding production organisation approval in place, POA, TAM is now well suited to offer its customer a wide range of services, including rapid design and production of parts necessary for maintenance, repairs and modifications.

Pär Gulle, TAM managing director, commented: “This is a vital step for us, as we now can offer a vast range of technical services, primarily to our current customers who operate a Saab 340/Saab 2000-fleet but also to operators of other aircraft, ranging from biz-jets to major airliners.”

TAM’s approval will cover the in-house design and manufacture of mechanical and structural parts for installation on aircraft.

As well as the manufacture of metallic and non-metallic parts, allowing the firm to provide STC and minor design changes and repairs for large and small aircraft (CS-23, CS-25, CS-27), related to the installation of avionics equipment, electrical systems, structure, hydro-mechanical systems, cabin interiors and OSD.