Freighter aircraft lease-finance specialist Spectre Cargo Solutions announced today that through its Irish entity NGF Overseas Aircraft, it had delivered a Boeing 737-700BDSF aircraft to Tianjin Air Cargo (TJAC).  The freighter is on a long-term operating lease with Tianjin Air Cargo.  It is the first Boeing freighter of the type to be delivered to a Chinese operator.

Tianjin Haite Aircraft Engineering (HAITE) performed the IAI 737-700BDSF modification for Spectre; the aircraft is the fourth 737-700BDSF received by the lessor.

Before conversion, the aircraft had been operated by Xiamen Airlines since 1998. Together with TJAC’s Spectre-leased 737-800BCF, this latest delivery brings TJAC’s fleet to four Boeing freighters.

Spectre’s program has produced 737NG freighters at four international sites to date, and expects to consume all of its exclusive capacity committed to Spectre under its launch customer agreement with IAI.  Spectre has a number of freighters in varying stages of production and will take delivery of at least five Boeing 737-800 freighters and one 737-700 freighter over the next several months, bringing its delivered total to sixteen 737NG freighters.

Spectre’s order book currently exceeds 30 freighters across 737-800BDSF & -700BDSF (IAI), 737-800BCF (Boeing) and 757-200PCF (Precision).