Ontic has signed an exclusive license agreement with Honeywell to deliver, repair, and perform upgrades to the MCS-4000/7000/4200/7200 Multi-Channel SATCOM (MCS) systems.

The MCS system provides two-way voice and data communication and is designed to provide continuous communications between the cockpit and air traffic. It uses two channels of Swift Broadband (SBB) to provide upload and download speeds of 650 kbit/s, ensuring critical communications are transmitted fast.

Gareth Blackbird, vice president & chief commercial officer at Ontic, said: “We’re pleased to extend our partnership with Honeywell with this new license which will be an exciting expansion to our existing operations. This adds to our experience with highly complex electronic systems at Chatsworth, further securing Ontic as the go-to partner to ensure established aircraft continue to have a strong, reliable and progressive supply chain for repairs and upgrades.”

The MCS system is compatible with several commercial and business aviation aircraft types, many of which Ontic currently support with other licenses and capabilities.

The MCS repair and upgrade operations will be transitioned to Ontic’s Chatsworth site in California where they specialize in electronics repair, subject to customary closing conditions.