Barfield, an American subsidiary of AFI KLM E&M, has entered into exclusive agreement with Arabian Calibration & Devices Repairing LLC (Arabcal) facility to calibrate and repair ground support test equipment (GSTE) in the Middle East.

Barfield has said that this contract will increase their operations in the Middle East.

Lew Wingate, Barfield’s vice president of GSTE and Distribution, said: “We are very excited about this partnership agreement as our customers have been expecting us to make it easier for them to have their equipment serviced.

“Before, they had to send their equipment all the way to the United States at least once a year for calibration or repair service, which was not cost effective. Now, we have a solution that works for us and for our partner Arabcal, a reputable repair facility in the region.”

David Robinson, general manager of Arabcal, added: “The signing of this agreement allows us to expand the line of products we support in our state-of-the-art facility in the UAE and other GCC neighboring countries. We comply with globally accepted standards and practices, and working with Barfield only solidify our reputation in the region.”

Arabcal’s facility in the Middle East will repair and calibrate Barfield ground support test equipment.