Airbus said this week it was fined around €15.86 million over “past matters relating to the use of intermediaries in sales campaigns prior to 2012”.

The agreement with France’s financial prosecutions office came after the manufacturer was accused of bribery in Libya and Kazakhstan over a decade ago – which led to Airbus in 2020 paying over €3.5 billion in fines to France, the UK and the US.

In a statement, Airbus said the latest fine would have “no adverse impact on the 2020 settlements reached with the French, UK and US authorities in the context of their compliance investigations into Airbus”.

Seeking to put the allegations behind it, Airbus added that it had “taken significant steps since 2016 to reform itself by implementing a benchmark compliance system underpinned by an unwavering commitment to integrity and continuous improvement”.

Airbus is this week is staging its annual summit, where it has unveiled a series of deals and ventures related to reducing emissions from its aircraft.