, the provider of consumable and expendable parts, has signed an initial two-year deal to distribute parts on behalf of US manufacturer AWS USA (INC). AWS manufactures a range of some 1,000 metal fabricated and machined parts and assemblies under a Licensing Agreement from the Boeing Corporation and approved by the FAA.
This new Distribution Partnership offers manufacturers access to a global sales network and distribution solution. This includes listing on a market-leading e-commerce platform, which sees 40,000 product searches each month and more than 400 daily visits from over 100 countries. The platform incorporates a full suite of support functions, including trace visibility, managing all compliance and customs obligations, and innovative marketing and promotions. The platform is fully integrated into its logistics hub, allowing rapid order fulfilment using’s Free Worldwide Delivery service. CEO Collin Trupp commented: “Our original intention was to open up our sales and logistics platform to manufacturers during 2013 and begin pursuing authorised distribution partnerships, but our rapid progress since the launch of our website has allowed us to bring the introduction of this new offering forward. With our innovative e-commerce capability, supported by a significant global field sales force, a first class logistics platform (supported by DHL) and a 24/7 Sales & Service Team, we are ideally placed to act as a global distributor for our manufacturer partners. In the last 12 months, we have attracted over 700 new customers and I am sure our fresh approach will work equally well in developing the market for our distribution solutions. Within the next 24 months, we expect to see at least half of our turnover coming from factory-new material being distributed on behalf of manufacturers. Negotiations with other manufacturers are on-going and we expect to announce further distribution agreements in the coming months.”

Steve Cloran, director of AWS added: “ We were particularly attracted to because of what they have achieved with their own business over the past 12 months and their strong presence in Asia, which we hope will open up completely new markets for us. We are also excited about having our stock listed on their e-commerce website as their sales performance shows there is clearly a growing appetite within the industry for buying online. I am sure their fantastic free worldwide delivery offer will also help attract new customers from markets that we have not traditionally targeted.”

The parties are now agreeing an implementation plan and ‘go live’ announcements will be issued in the coming weeks.