Hungarian firm AerinX is developing an augmented reality (AR) solution for the external inspection and maintenance of aircraft and other aerial vehicles. The company has recently started a strategic partnership with MRO facility, Aeroplex, to implement the system in heavy and line maintenance processes.   International aviation industry statistics show that some 70-80% of aircraft accidents occur due to human lapses or mistakes. While a significant portion of such cases involve mistakes committed by either pilots or flight crew, a marked amount of lapses happen during checking and maintenance of aircraft.   Hungarian company AerinX aims to alleviate this problem with an AR-based system which assists with external surface checks and the conduct of related maintenance of aircraft. The system is expected to make the process simpler, faster and more precise.   Most damage detection, registration and documentation still occur manually, with maintenance engineers measuring damage with a ruler, marking the spot with amarker pen, before having to sift through long, PDF or paper-based documentation when determining the seriousness of the damage.

“Our vision is to completely revolutionize the way aircraft skin inspection is carried out at the moment. To achieve this, we are developing a smart inspection system which combines AR technology with modern picture processing, giving a decision-supporting tool in the hands of professionals. AerinX promises to reduce inspection time in case of AOG events, as well as line and heavy maintenance” – says Antal Bence Kiss, AerinXʼs CEO.