ST Engineering has selected PowerFleet industrial telematics solutions for the Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) at its airframe facility in San Antonio.

ST Engineering’s San Antonio facility will utilize PowerFleet’s telematics solutions to improve overall equipment visibility into its aerospace MRO operations, as well as an API tool to integrate data from their vehicles into the necessary systems to improve performance.

“We are excited to be working with ST Engineering to provide telematic solutions to their San Antonio facility,” said Steve Towe, CEO of PowerFleet. “Our team will continue to work closely with ST Engineering to offer real time, data-driven analytics to their industrial operations to improve accountability and increase efficiency.”

To support ST Engineering’s needs, PowerFleet’s solutions will assist them across multiple industrial assets. Forklifts and tuggers are among the highest priority to move large cargo for their aviation business, along with other equipment. PowerFleet will also support the brand’s security and access control through improved tracking of asset distribution, one of the core requirements for their business. PowerFleet’s business will also incorporate tools built to improve the monitoring and status of vehicular inspections, as well as telematics built into equipment and various locations onsite and the San Antonio airport to track real time asset location. To ease the integration process, ST Engineering and PowerFleet will deploy all technology in multiple phases and locations.

“The integration of PowerFleet’s solutions is part of our efforts to digitalize the operations at our hangars,” said Irving Tjin, Vice President & General Manager at VT San Antonio Aerospace, a subsidiary of ST Engineering. “The initial demonstration greatly exhibited their capabilities in improving our ability to control and track the necessary assets, and thereby ensuring that authorized individuals are the ones handling industrial technology. From installation to sales and support, their service has proven to be reliable. That, in line with the ability to gather key data, will be important in helping us maintain safety in our operations.”