Aviation group SPARFELL and its Austrian AOC LaudaMotion Executive fully implement Skylegs Aviation Management solution this month. The platform grants the aviation group easy management of activities carried out for their excellent flight services: starting from sales, through mission preparation, scheduling, dispatching, crew training, finance and more.

Skylegs inaugurates new broker features in the platform, all made in conjunction with SPARFELL. The tools confer a simple sales workflow, so the customers get a fast and transparent reply to their requests.

By working with the same system, SPARFELL and LaudaMotion Executive improve the workflow thanks to the standardisation and automatic data sharing, with no more time wasted by transferring information, communicating through emails and building excel sheets.

Edward Queffelec, chief executive of Sparfell says “Sparfell and LaudaMotion Executive always look for new ways of improving our customers’ experience. When it came to select a new flight operations and sales software solution, Skylegs felt like the ideal partner. The efficiency of the system, as well as the flexibility and willingness of Maxim and his team to adapt to our specific needs, clearly mirror our commitment to our clients.”