Skytra, the wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, has added Airbus, the online travel platform to its list of data suppliers. generates more than 20 billion price checks per day on its online platform and those of its partners, fed by connections to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and direct Application User Interfaces (APIs) with most airlines worldwide.

Skytra has developed a method to match the offered ticket pricing from with complementary transaction data received from the International Air Travel Association (IATA).  Skytra expects that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority will on its application to be the regulated Benchmark Administrator for the family of global air travel Price Indices that it has developed in Q3.

Mark Howarth, Skytra chief executive said, “COVID-19’s devastating impact on the air travel industry has created a huge appetite for the granular data and insights our new business intelligence product – Airtyx – can provide. More longer term, the pandemic has highlighted the urgency of bringing risk management tools to market as the air travel industry starts to re-build.”