SkySelect’s eProcurement service and technology platform is promising faster procurement of aircraft parts for aircraft lease transitions.

As air travel continues to recover, there’s an increasing interest in leasing aircraft, especially given the aviation supply chain challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Natalja Lagno, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Magnetic Group, said: “OEMs are confronted with their own supply chain challenges as they face a long backlog of orders to fulfill as well as raw material and manpower shortages.”

Facing these increased volumes, leasing companies may not have the internal labor resources, the right skill set, or experience to meet short turnaround times. The US-based eProcurement technology company SkySelect has introduced a service that resolves the issues of high demand and capacity constraints and increases aircraft lease transition efficiency.

SkySelect’s eProcurement service and technology platform enable accurate and timely lease transitions. Instead of being bogged down by time-consuming manual quotations, SkySelect offers 10x faster price estimates and an automated end-to-end procurement process while providing the knowledge and skills needed to procure materials. This means lessors can execute leases quicker and more efficiently while staying within budget and on time.

“We see the importance of lessors within air travel, and we have delivered a new service that will benefit lessors themselves and contribute to excelling the whole ecosystem,” said Erkki Brakmann, SkySelect CEO. “Entering the leasing market was a logical next step given their strong presence and value in the aircraft market. With our eProcurement-as-a-Service solution, lessors can transform their aircraft transition services into a quicker and leaner operation.”