Aviation tech provider Sabre outlined a five point strategic plan to accelerate growth for the Texas-based firm, which includes targeting the low-cost carrier market (LCC) and enhance its tie-up with Google.

Sabre set-out a plan to increase both revenues and margins based on firstly, increasing personalisation of its offerings. as it looks to increase the  value of each  passenger boarded, Secondly its aiming to accelerate the distribution of  NDC content, enabling airlines to distribute personalised offers through the firm’s marketplace and through their direct channels.

Thirdly it is looking to capitalise on the growth of the LCCs by creating more ways for these carriers  to retail and distribute content, and scaling the offerings of Radixx, the Company’s recently acquired LCC provider.

Fourthly, Sabre wants to deliver a full service property management team, in a tie-up with French hotel chain Accor, which will see it combine with a central reservation system and limited service property management system within a fully unified, cloud-native platform designed for hoteliers of all property classes, sizes and geographic regions.

Finally, its aiming to overhaul its tech offering via a 10-year preferred partnership with Google which is migrate the Sabre’s  IT infrastructure to Google Cloud and use the Silicon Valley firm’s  data analytics tools to enable Sabre’s products.

Sean Menke, Sabre’s president and chief executive said, “over the last year, we continued to see shifts in the travel ecosystem resulting in the changing needs of our airline, hotel and agency customers. We are thinking critically about how the retailing, distribution and fulfilment of travel will continue to evolve over the next decade and how each of these elements will become even more interconnected and interdependent.”