Germany-based aviation engineering services firm RED Aircraft has said it is making steps to drive down costs for agricultural aircraft operators.

The engine manufacturer is to introduce its high-performance engine to the US agricultural sector, which will benefit users with lower running costs while at the same time reducing its ecological footprint, the company says.

The company’s RED A03 engine opens up lucrative opportunities for agricultural operators by providing significant benefits by lower operating costs when compared to turbine or radical engines.

Over the past few months, RED partnered with A&C Ag Aviation in a bid to aid its growth in the US agricultural market.

Red Aircraft CEO Vladimir Raikhlin said: “We are excited to introduce our engine to the agriculture sector; in particular. We believe that our RED AO3 engine can help operators reduce their operating costs whilst increasing performance.

“What’s more, with low fuel burn, it lowers exhaust gas pollution and reduces noise emissions. We are set to help change the agricultural sector’s economical footprint.”