MENA Aerospace Enterprises subsidiary MENA Technics announces a new partnership with US-based Pulsar Aviation Services, an Aviance Group company. MENA Technics now represents Pulsar Aviation Services exclusively in Bahrain, and non-exclusively in all other GCC markets.

The deal adds three new business lines for MENA Technics: ‘Airframe and Engine Management Programs’ and ’APU and Landing Gear Management Programs’ as well as ‘Project Management Consultancy for Airframe Maintenence Checks’.

Anil Kumar, Acting GM and CFO of MENA Aerospace Enterprises, says: “MENA Aerospace Enterprises focuses on providing one-stop solutions for clients; our Hangar Facility accommodates many models of aircraft, and our MENA Trading division supplies various parts and products. We welcome this new mutually-beneficial agreement with Pulsar Aviation Services, and look forward to offering our clients more services for more types of aircraft.”