Malaysia Airlines in collaboration with OpenAirlines, has implemented SkyBreathe Fuel Efficiency, an advanced system to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions of its fleet.

With rising fuel costs, Malaysia Airlines has chosen to adopt the latest digital technology with SkyBreathe to monitor the fuel efficiency of its operations and improve both economic and environmental performance.

Every day, the fuel management software will automatically collect and analyse the massive quantity of data from the 79+ aircraft operated by the airline and combine them with data from other sources including payload, weather conditions, flight path and ATC constraints.

Using this solution, Malaysia Airlines will benefit from a thorough understanding of its fuel efficiency through all phases of a flight to identify the most relevant saving opportunities. Based on this information the airline will be able to implement the most efficient procedures on ground (pushback, taxi, takeoff, APU, etc.) and during flight (climb, cruise, approach, landing, etc.) without compromising safety.

“We are proud to help Malaysia Airlines in their fuel saving program. What was genuinely remarkable was the level of enthusiasm and diligence, professional team work that began immediately, resulting in one of the shortest implementation we have ever achieved, and a wholly successful deployment. They are taking leadership in applying advanced technology and environmentally friendly solutions to their daily operations. By using Big Data algorithms, the SkyBreathe software will develop procedures and recommendations to address their need for greater fuel efficiency which can reduce their total fuel consumption by up to 5%. Accordingly, the fuel expense saved yearly is expected to be worth tens of millions of US dollars,” explains Andrew Jong, Regional Sales Account Director of OpenAirlines.

“We are pleased to collaborate with OpenAirlines in achieving our fuel saving initiatives. Deploying SkyBreathe® software and the pilot module MyFuelCoach™ will help empower pilots’ eco-piloting initiatives. They will now be able to see individual fuel performances displayed in a simple dashboard on their mobile to improve future decisions. We are confident that this new digital approach will develop a stronger fuel conscious culture in the company and we will continue to leverage on technology and digitization to minimise fuel volatility effects,” said Izham Ismail, Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines joins more than 28 other airlines across the world using SkyBreathe, including Norwegian, Cebu Pacific, Atlas Air, flydubai, Royal Brunei Airlines and Atlas Air.