GA Telesis has increased its inventory with a multitude of acquisitions.

The company has acquired six CFM56-5A, two CF6-80C2B, two 777-200ER, two 737NG and one CFM56-5B.

The acquisitions are said to be able meet the demand of its customer inventory requirements.

The inventory will be used to support the GA Telesis SNAP, Access, and flight hour programs, as well as day-to-day replenishment requirements of the company’s airline and MRO customers worldwide.

The company further stipulated that its Q4 production might exceed its announced Q3 scope.

Alex Tuttle, chief operations officer at GA Telesis said: “Our team has seen a dramatic increase in demand for our products and services and we have had to step up our game.

“Customers, globally, have communicated their need for increased levels of inventory to support their operational needs and their expectation of GA Telesis to support their increasing levels of seat capacity.”