The roof of the Helsinki Airport terminal is currently being fitted with new solar panels. They belong to Finavia’s solar plant whose first sector was opened just under two years ago. Next year, more panels will be installed on the facade of the parking complex which is to be opened.

100% of Helsinki Airport’s energy is produced using renewable energy sources. The power plant, which is located on the roof, produces approximately 5% of the terminal extensions’ electricity. The rest of the airport’s electricity is produced by wind power, said Henri Hansson, Technical Director at Finavia.

Hansson explains that, presently, Finavia is increasing solar power production in the areas of the airport that are to be newly built.

“The next solar panels will be installed on the wall of the new parking complex in 2020. The solar power produced by these panels is to be targeted at charging electric cars,” Hansson says.

When all the sections of the plant, currently known by Finavia, are in use, the solar power production capacity at Helsinki Airport will be approximately 750 kWp. The solar plant is one of the top 10 largest in Finland and is the largest airport plant in the Nordic countries. 1% of the electricity used at the airport will be covered by solar power.
In the future, Finavia will also be looking at other locations for new systems. A further objective is to expand the utilisation of solar power in the airport network as well.

Finavia’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality at all of its airports in 2019.