It is mid-week and many of you will be getting air show fatigue by about now. For many getting to the show itself is very hard work indeed, it seems that unless you are flying, you are very lucky indeed to have a trouble free run of it seemingly from any direction. This is of course not a problem that is simply limited to Farnborough, Paris, Dubai and Singapore have all had their own air show nightmares. For Farnborough this year though it is the car parks that have failed, the issuance of car park passes has also failed and security is not all that great either. In one test this week members of our team were able to steam through three levels of security to end up in the diplomatic VIP holding area with access to any part of the ground – We have managed this at Paris too so again this is not limited to FIA. It seems that when it comes to air shows some of the people in charge could not run a “drinking session” in a brewery. Fortunately we can, and we are: At the Guinness Storehouse on the 20th January 2013.
We have been asked by a very large section of the leasing and finance community to put on a conference in Dublin at the end of January that is affordable, allows all delegates to get a seat in the conference hall and at lunch and has top class events included in the price of the standard delegate pass, whilst at the halving the delegate price and also halving the cost of a hotel room. We were also asked to provide corporate rates and benefits. This we have done. We will offer more airlines on the ground, bring in new faces. We listened, we are supported and everything has been booked for the past eight weeks:
On the 20th, 21st and 22nd January 2013, Airline Economics Growth Frontiers, Dublin will take place at the Shelbourne Hotel, with the reception at the Guinness Storehouse on the 20th and the Aviation 100 Awards Gala taking place at the Mansion House on the evening of the 21st with Michael McIntyre providing the entertainment along with a few other surprises and novelties thrown-in to the make the night one to remember.
We have the best hotel in Ireland at just €179.00 per night (while places last), the best events, meeting rooms, private dining, VIP lunch area for airlines and sponsors, all day bar, and private entrance from St Stephens Green with the best city centre location. We have also thrown-in a 35% discount for ISTAT members. No wonder that we are able to confirm C-level representatives from some 21 airlines booked to attend/speak already. In the conference hall our task is to tell you something that you do not know and get airlines, leasing and finance speaking freely to enhance growth opportunities.
The logic is sound: Provide an ultra-high quality conference and networking opportunity that is based upon airlines and what they are looking for with information that you can gain from at a price that will not break the bank.
Chances are that the provisional brochure is already in the post to you. For further details contact me at any time by email or telephone.