Falko Regional Aircraft, an aircraft operating leasing and asset management company focused on the regional aircraft sector is increasing its capabilities, focus and product offering around engine leasing.

Falko has an established engine leasing business that has historically been focused around the ALF507 engines on the Avro RJ and the BR715 engine on the Boeing 717 which were core assets within Falko’s portfolio.  With the significant development of Falko’s portfolio into Bombardier CRJ and Embraer EJet aircraft, Falko now manages over 100 regional jet aircraft powered by GE’s CF34 engine which is the dominant engine on younger regional jet aircraft.  Consequently, Falko is now proactively offering CF34 engines on lease to operators worldwide.

The leasing of CF34 engines will be managed out of Falko’s Dublin office, headed by Pat Carolan who is a CF34 powerplant specialist.  Engines currently available for lease include CF34-8C for the CRJ700/900/1000 family, CF34-8E for the Embraer E170/E175 and CF34-10 for the Embraer E190/E195.

“Engine leasing has always been a core part of our business.” said Mark Hughes, chief commercial officer, Falko.   “We see the move into CF34 leasing as a natural progression within our portfolio and we are fortunate that we have some great, low time engines that we can offer on lease at attractive terms.”