German courier firm DHL has placed an with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) toi convert an additional three B767-300 passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft, with the potential for a fourth aircraft.

The news was announced by IAI who said that the contract marks another “major milestone” for its aircraft cargo conversions program and the broadening of business for IAI’s Aviation Group. IAI’s Aviation Group was established in January 2019 by combining the company’s commercial and military aircraft activities.

IAI’s Aviation Group is a world leader in the design, development, and certification of passenger to cargo aircraft conversions. Our customers include the world’s largest courier and parcel delivery companies. Over the last decade, converted B767 have been the backbone of the cargo aircraft market.

To maintain our future dominance in this market and offer new solutions, IAI’s Aviation Group signed a contract with GECAS to design, develop, and certify the B777-300 passenger to cargo conversion.

IAI EVP and General Manager of Aviation Group, Yossi Melamed, said, “IAI is a world leader for passenger to cargo conversions. We provide high-quality solutions tailored to the customer’s needs on narrow and wide-body aircraft. The constant increase in the e-commerce market and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have emphasized the importance of cargo aircraft. We thank DHL International GmbH for their acknowledgment of IAI’s performance and again trusting us to convert additional aircraft for their cargo aircraft fleet.”