Comac and VIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry have celebrated the first batch production of C919 program at the Pudong base of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co (SAMC), and AVIC CAC Commercial Aircraft Co.

The production of the parts and components, such as the centre lower panel of the outer wing section, of the first delivered C919 aircraft commenced in the factory buildings at Xi’an, Shanghai and Chengdu, which marks a substantial progress in the parallel development of flight test and batch production of C919 program.

Comac has accumulated certain experience in the batch production and delivery of ARJ21-700 aircraft, the quality assurance system for aircraft production has been further improved, the CAAC supervision mode has been formally determined, and all kinds of work carried out around the production of C919 aircraft are becoming mature.

After the production of parts and components of first delivered C919 aircraft commenced, Comac, as the main manufacturer, would work together with the airframe supplier, take overall consideration of the program development progress, certification plan, main manufacturer-supplier productivity and CAAC review, gradually get through the production line of C919 aircraft from parts and components to assemblies.