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Airports in Saudi Arabia gear up for annual Hajj pilgrims

By June 15, 2023 No Comments

The airports in Saudi Arabia are currently gearing up for the arrival of annual Hajj pilgrimage. About six Saudi airports are expected to receive 1.7 million pilgrims during Hajj season, via 7,700 flights

The Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has upgraded its international airports, in cooperation with the Ministry of Hajj

According to official releases of Saudi authorities, these airports will receive 7,700 flights transporting 1.7 million pilgrims during Hajj season, 2023.

As per official records, Saudi airports received 1.8 million pilgrims in 2018,

Ministry of Hajj has taken proactive steps to support the facilitation process, effectively saving time and effort for other involved stakeholders and for the arriving pilgrims. It launched awareness campaigns in the travellers’ countries, to introduce them to aviation local systems, customs, and directives concerning the necessary life skills, via using 11 languages, to ensure delivering its awareness messages clearly to the largest possible numbers.

Going ahead, Saudi Arabia intends to increase the numbers of pilgrims during the upcoming years in line with the ‘Saudi Vision 2030’