Aero Capital Solutions, Inc. (ACS), has announced the continued growth of its cargo aircraft fleet with a commitment to convert an additional 13 Boeing 737-800SF to freighters.

The conversions will be carried out in conjunction with an STC (supplemental type certificate) provided by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI), and add to the 21 aircraft that ACS has already committed for conversion.

The first of the additional Boeing 737-800SF aircraft will commence modification performed by Commercial Jet Inc. based in Miami, Florida in March 2023. The remaining 12 aircraft modifications will be distributed between Commercial Jet, KF Aerospace and HAECO Xiamen with the final aircraft commencing in December 2023.

Upon completion, ACS’ total freighter portfolio will comprise of 34 Boeing 737-800SF aircraft.

Jason Barany, CEO and Founder of ACS, says: “Air cargo demand remains strong, even as we emerge from Covid, driven by factors including a long term upward shift in consumer e-commerce use. Our growing fleet of efficient narrowbody freighters has been created to meet the rapidly expanding needs of cargo operators and express carriers.”