AAR has expanded its component repair and overhaul services with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft to include a wider range of components for its regional jet support programs.

AAR begin executing on the component repair contract in January 2019, following strong operational performance, signed a service expansion agreement in September to cover additional components.

The scope of services focuses on BAE Systems’ out-of-production regional aircraft, utilizing AAR’s proven expertise in legacy platform component repair.

Andrew James, director of BAE Systems Regional Aircraft, commented: “With the rapid expansion of our global aerospace and defence business, AAR has been a trusted, skilled aftermarket provider to support our commercial regional aircraft programs.

“Since entering our contract in January, AAR Component Repair has consistently delivered cost savings and a high-quality final product, and we look forward to continued benefits as we expand the services in our partnership.”

The services for the BAE Systems agreement are performed out of AAR’s component repair facility in Amsterdam.